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Angela Djedjos

Google rating stars

Holly did an amazing job selling our house. She got all the repairs, cleaning, staging organized and was able to get our house listed a week earlier than projected. We sold the house and closed in 3 weeks total. It was painless because Holly took care of the details. Highly recommended!!

Stephanie ONeill

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Having Holly Barr as our Realtor was the best decision we made. Holly made the daunting task of selling our home such a positive and great experience. Her time and attention to detail is fantastic and her work ethic for you is

outstanding. I wish I had another house to sell because

Holly made it so great. Thank you Holly for treating us like


Dawn Abernathy

Google rating stars

Selling a house during a difficult time that you have put your heart and soul into to make it your forever home is extremely heartbreaking.


Through referrals and the knowledge of real estate in the Willow Glen community I knew Holly was the right agent for me. Holly agreed to be my advocate as one of two agents on this listing. Holly and agent #2 agreed to work together to get the BEST offer on our home. Out of the two agents Holly completely did everything to get this house ready for sale. In no time she had painters, minor things repaired/fixed, staging, beautiful flyers printed and lots of promotions that brought in multiple offers over asking. Holly kept everyone in the loop on what was going on with all the offers and helped explain to me everything I did not understand.

Not only is Holly professional, knowledgeable, thorough and attentive to detail, straightforward and friendly like other reviewers have stated but she is ethical, compassionate and shows empathy to those going through a loss of a home.

Thank you Holly for your hard work, you deserved this listing in full.


Google rating stars

Holly was incredible to work with. I appreciated her attention to detail and how well she managed the whole selling process. I never had to lift a finger, Holly made the process of selling my home so painless. She arranged all of the contractors (and even ended up getting better pricing from her contractors than my own contractors quoted me) and executed a flawless schedule. We ended up with multiple competing offers and a sale above asking. I would gladly recommend her again.

Stephen Djedjos

Google rating stars

Holly is an amazing realtor! Always available for questions, very quick to respond, and guided us through the entire process of selling our house. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a fantastic realtor with excellent customer service. Thank you Holly!

Caitlin Fowler

Alain Brie

Google rating stars

We have just successfully completed the sale of our house in Willow Glen. Holly helped us through the whole process, paying careful attention to our needs and giving us great advice. Holly is very experienced, professional and responsive. We highly recommend her.

Google rating stars

I have worked with Holly on several property listings as her stager. She is not only professional but personable as well. Holly cares about her clients and their needs. She is willing and able to get the job done and done right. I have always been very impressed by her ability to coordinate with me, her clients, and others that are involved with the project with ease. I highly recommend Holly Barr as your Realtor.

Bob Ludwick

Google rating stars

If there were six stars, Holly would have gotten that! I referred her to very important and long-term friends of mine to sell their rental house in the San Jose market. As a broker myself, I was very sensitive to HOW she does WHAT she does to be effective and meet her clients' expectations. A+ on all accounts, including the team she hired to work on the property. I would have anyone considering this professional to call me and chat about Holly. They will get an unqualified "ABSOLUTELY YES" from me.

Diane Baker Hayward

Google rating stars

Without question, Holly is the best realtor I have ever worked with. This is not just a recommendation, but an expression of my gratitude. There are many facets of selling a property, particularly when it is a family home, that go beyond just the negotiations and paperwork associated with the sale: prepping, inspections, repairs...even reassurance and emotional support! Holly gets five stars in all areas. She was proactive, fast, incredibly professional (even in the late hours of the evening) and I always felt like she had our back. If you are looking for a realtor, look no further.

Linda Shank

Google rating stars

It was truly remarkable to work with such a hard-working and professional agent as she spearheaded the remodeling and selling of our house. I don't think many agents would take on the responsibility of a remodeling project as part of the house-selling contract. Holly was very responsive to all communications and was thorough in following up on issues. We whole-heartedly recommend her services if you are looking to sell your property.

Cary Hayward

Google rating stars

My highest recommendation for Holly. We presented her

with a very challenging (divorce), complicated (foundation

concerns) and sub-optimal timeframe (Thanksgiving/Christ

mas) house sale in Willow Glen. Holly circumnavigated every complication and issue with grace, professionalism and a steady hand. She and her eco-system of contractors, stagers, and cleaners are top notch. I've bought and sold four homes and she is the best realtor I have ever worked with.

Amy Kearnan

Google rating stars

Holly is the ultimate professional real estate agent who is widely known as a Willow Glen specialist. (What other agent has 80,000 plus likes on their business fb page?!) With her 15 plus years success in the extremely fickle Bay Area real estate market, she has wonderful connections and tips and tricks to get the best price for the home you want. We bought our brand new home in April 2017 in Willow Glen using Holly. When we began to work with this extremely difficult builder of said home, we soon realized why in the 1 1/2 years the home was on the market, why all other previous buyer agents walked before the deal closed!

The builder had gone through 4 agents representing him, 6 offers (all way above what we ended up paying) and had ridiculous demands such as no home warranty, no inspections, and wanted us to sign something he wrote called a “good neighbor fence “allowing the next door neighbor (another home he was trying to sell but couldn’t) which would allow the neighbor to knock our fence and bring a bobcat through our yard in order to build a pool in order to make selling that home more appealing. He also decided to represent himself (which was kind of a nightmare in itself) since all other agents he had hired to sell the home were fired.


The net net, we got our home, were covered by the city with a warranty as it was a new build, stood our ground on the inspection and it passed with flying colors, and our eventual neighbors decided they didn’t want a pool! We are now in our dream home which has recently appraised significantly higher than we paid because all other agents walked where Holly stood her ground!

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